We are pleased that you want to find out more about our company. Since the business establishment in the year 1899 “Idealspaten” produced and sold more than 100 million of high-grade spades and other tools for the requirements of building and garden industry.

After the death of the company founder Emil Eckardt in 1928 and the following insolvency in 1929 a group of enterpreneurs including Dr. Otto Thomashoff, father of the long-time sole director Carl-August Thomashoff, took over the company which was continued under the name "Idealspaten - und Schaufelwalzwerk vorm. Eckardt & Co. GmbH".

The flagship and the eponym of our company is the Ideal spade which is conically rolled out of one piece of special steel and soon became well-known all over the world.

In the following decades the increasing worldwide demand for building tools led to a very pleasing development of the company which endured until the 1960s. In 1971 IDEALSPATEN has merged with the company A. Bredt & Co., another producer of tools in the neighborhood as a consequence of the emerging trend of the exchange of muscle to enginge power.

Meanwhile IDEAL is one of the most important manufacturer of hand tools in europe. Through well-directed diversification Idealspaten nowadays offers a product range, which includes besides spades, shovels, forks and hammers also different hand-tools for gardening and building industry. Because we are producing in a mix of manufacture and automation we are able to offer most of our products in different levels of quality and prices.

In order to cope with the permanent increasing demands of the market Idealspaten has invested and still invests extensively in the location “Germany”.