For you as a garden owner, a spade should definitely be part of you gardening equipment. The spade is a useful tool for any kind of gardening activities for example planting or digging. But not every spade is alike – there a huge differences in quality, shape and structure.

Because there a so many different spades in the market we would like to help you finding the appropriate spade that meets your requirements. The original IDEAL-spade in gardening form works well for digging and planting, but to deal with heavier gardening activities we recommend you the IDEAL spade for nursery which is way more robust.

Besides our classic product lines we are also offering spades that are newly developed, like our “Kraftspaten”. This innovative spade is completely made out of steel and is perfectly suitable for field clearing work or for levering; in short, our “Kraftspaten” is combination of spade and crowbar.

Caused by the optimal power transmission, the spade is able to lever up to 2 tonnes!

In the following we would like to show which spade is the best for different activities and soils and what kind of product lines we offer in our range.

You can find further information about our “Kraftspaten” and other new products here.




Product lines at IDEALSPATEN
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The appropriate spade model for your soil
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Types of spade handles
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Types of treads for spades
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Surfaces of spades
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