"FITNESSSPATEN" gardening spade

with red powder-coated ash-T-handle 85 cm


With this product we have created a complete new design range. The "FITNESSSPATEN" – Made in Germany - is provided with innovated features which ensures even more fun during your gardening work. Hence, positive effects are produced out of regular gardening work which are now tracked and proved by the independent institution of the “Deutsche Sporthochschule” in Cologne.


  • gardening form
  • sportive design
  • blade size 2 (L: 285 x W: 185 / W: 180)
  • specially hardened (hard and flexible)
  • polished
  • special treads
  • long double-spring
  • double-riveted
  • red powder-coated
  • innovative T-grip
  • Soft-Touch surface in the handling area
  • special coating of the wooden handle
  • "Made in Germany" / Herdecke

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item number: 24019000


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