"KRAFTSPATEN" gardening form

with red powder-coated steel pipe handle 92 cm


This special tool has been developed in order to meet the highest requests on load stress during forest clearance and construction work.

The KRAFTSPATEN helps you on several applications like cutting through rootages as well as a leverage tool within the construction industry due to its robust design.

A flexible handling within effective performance is guaranteed because of the material and constructive features of this product.


  • gardening form
  • blade size 2 (L: 280 x W: 180 / W: 180)
  • extreme robust tool in a densed construction for construction and gardening
  • designed as a tool for leverage and cutting through big rootages
  • 5 mm thickness of the spade head with a product weight of 4,8 kg
  • support area cares for a target-orientated leverage effect
  • approx. 1 cm sharp edged blade
  • steel pipe handle made out of high hardened and tempered steel
  • optimized haptical wooden grip for a flexible guidance/usage of the spade
  • 10 years guarantee for the complete product
  • "Made in Germany" / Herdecke

item number: 13010277


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