"Profi-Fächerbesen" adjustable

4 reinforced outer tines, without shaft

Short description

Very durable with reinforced shaft attatchment – efficient removal of leaves and clippings from vegetated areas and insensitive surfaces

Product features

adjustable in width, extra robust


High quality spring steel



Part No



Made in Germany

Product description

Product description:
The "IDEAL-Profi-Fächerbesen" Fan Rake impresses with outstanding quality and durability, making it the preferred choice for professionals as well as discerning garden and homeowners. This garden tool offers an optimal combination of high stability and durability with excellent usability characteristics – high quality professional tools – quality "Made in Germany"!

The "IDEAL-Profi-Fächerbesen" features 22 flat and blunt tines made of high quality spring steel that flexibly adapt to the ground. The 4 wider and reinforced outer tines enhance the stability and resilience of the Fan Rake, especially when working on uneven terrain or with tougher materials. The blue zinc coating forms a protective and slightly bluish shimmering layer on the spring steel, providing protection against rust and other environmental influences. This increases the durability and lifespan of the tool, especially when used outdoors or in damp conditions. The tine spacing can be flexibly adjusted using a lockable sliding mechanism at the rear. A wider spacing is ideal for coarse material such as leaves, while a narrower tine spacing is best for finer materials. Depending on requirements, a smaller or larger working width and more compact storage dimensions can be achieved. The shaft attachment of the Fan Rake is characterized by an extremely stable and resilient construction, consisting of 2 sturdy metal loops with extended support. This attachment not only ensures increased stability but also allows for a very straightforward handle replacement when needed.

Intended use:
The "IDEAL-Profi-Fächerbesen" is an indispensable fan rake for efficiently cleaning small and medium-sized areas of leaves, blossoms, and cuttings. The wide and flexible tines allow a gentle cleaning of green spaces by gliding over the grass without causing damage. Additionally, the Fan Rake is ideal for use in flower beds and on solid, insensitive surfaces such as gravel areas or walkways, making it an essential helper for garden and landscape maintenance, especially in the fall.

Product features

  • tool head made of high quality spring steel – a very solid steel, resilient and form-stable
  • 22 flat and blunt tines
  • 4 reinforced outer tines increase the stability of the tool
  • the tines are kept in shape by a reinforced metal bracket and secured with a metal wing nut – extremely stable and very robust
  • adjustable fan width for various working conditions and compact storage
  • blue galvanized surface protects against environmental influences and offers increased corrosion resistance
  • very stable and resilient shaft attachment through 2 sturdy metal loops with extended support – enables an uncomplicated shaft replacement
  • without shaft (shaft not included)

Further benefits

  • our high quality products are made to last a lifetime reducing waste and helping to conserve resources
  • the use of sustainable high quality raw materials has top priority
  • Made in Germany – short transport routes, since production takes place exclusively in Germany
  • by choosing raw materials from Germany and the European Union our short transport channels minimise CO2 emissions
  • our high quality steel guarantees an optimal functionality of the tool and it is 100% recyclable without loss of quality


General information
Part No
Made in Germany
Total weight
0,80 kg
Tool head
High quality spring steel
Blue galvanized
Product type
Fan Rake
Adjustable width
320 - 480 mm
Number of tines
Tines shape
Flat tines, blunt
Type of shaft attachment
Loop attachment
With 4 reinforced outer tines, With reinforced metal bracket
Without shaft

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