Removing the handle


   Caution - risk of injury!


Under no circumstances you should try to burn the waste wood, as this may affect the material properties of the steel according to the temperature of the glow. As a result the blade may become too soft and therefore unusable.



1. Clamp the spade on the wooden side edges of the metal tabs (spade springs) in a vise.



2. Knock off the rivet head with a hammer and chisel or screwdriver with continuous blade and, if necessary, remove any rests of the rivet remaining in the handle with a generator or a pair of pliers.


3. Disconnect the handle and the blade by powerful hammer blows on the shoulder of the blade. If the stick is broken off that short that it can no longer be clamped, tighten the head of the spade next to the shoulder into the vise. Now put the chisel into the gap between the spring halves and remove the rest of the handle with hammer and chisel.