“Quality for the nature“

is not just a slogan for us, we are acting according to this motto.


We will tell you why:

Because we, as a german company, are not only based in Germany but even produce a main part of our product range here in Herdecke or at affiliated companies in Germany. Since 1899.

Every single product which is equipped with a special cuff and the logo “sustainable products” subject particular requirements. For one thing this cuff informs you about our activities for sustainable product and secondly about the product features that characterize the product you prefer.

Goods of high quality save resources!

Sometimes it is not worth to save as sometimes you have to buy the same thing twice.

Every day thousands of appliances, tools, home electronics, and gardening tools are disposed because they were not just cheap but also of a bad quality.

Resources are consumed for the production but also for the disposal of these products. The main part of these resources like raw materials, energy and manpower are definitely  gone.

This is the reason why we rely on high-grade products with a long service life to save resources for subsequent generations.

As a company with a history of more than 110 years and managed by the fourth generation of owners we are thinking on a long-term base.