Raw materials


Purchasing raw material from Germany or other EU-countries reduce the CO2-emissions by shorter transport routes

Have you ever thought about how long the journey of a product you chose and the used raw material took?

Unfortunately we do not always have time to get more involved with these issues. Needless to say, every one of us wants to prevent pollutants and we all are disturbed by the huge amount of trucks on our motorways.

But it’s a fact that the main part of products which are commercially available were not produced in Germany and most of them were not even produced in Europe.

These products have been shipped all around the world to be sold at an attractive price her in Germany.

Our products that are equipped with our cuff and a lot more are produced in Germany and out of raw materials of german origin, if possible.

That is what we contribute to a reduction of the CO2-emissions. You decide, if were are successful this way.