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Ruhr-Brillant shovel


Our RUHR-BRILLIANT-shovel is the shovel of the highest quality in our product range. It is characterized by particularly high-grade and special hardened material which guarantees a high wear resistance and a long life-span.

Some models are equipped with a strengthening of the shovel socket, which additionally ensure the socket for high loads.

The blade of the shovel is firmly attached with the ergonomic handle by a nail.

Our RUHR-BRILLIANT-shovel is available in numerous forms, types and sizes.

IDEAL round point shovel


Our round point shovel combines the benefits of a spade and a shovel. By that combination it is an all-rounder and facilitate significantly gardening work.

For the production of the round point shovel we use spring steel of a high quality; the procedure of special hardening makes this model solid.

We attached great importance on the ergonomic aspects. The bent-up treads and the straight handle with a rubberized grip allow relaxed gardening work.

We also offer a round point shovel with serrated edges which simplify digging in hard soils or severing roots.

FAVORIT aluminum shovel


Our FAVORIT alu shovel is produced out of a high-grade aluminum alloy in our factory in Herdecke. A low weight and a high stability are paramount.

Due to the specific form and the edges the shovel is particularly suitable for transporting and lifting voluminous but lightweight bulk or for sweeping leaves, rubbish or snow. The lifted edges of the scoop shovel type “Hallenser” provide even more filling volume.

There are also shovels equipped with an ergonomic aluminum handle; this combination provides working in a particularly easy and back-friendly way. An additional protective edge on some models saves the blade of the shovel.



Other product lines of IDEALSPATEN




It is the equivalent to our "Fitnessspade". Innovative design and high quality for an ergonomic work. "Made in Germany" / "Made in Herdecke"





It is a high-grade professional shovel. "Made in Germany" / "Made in Herdecke"



IDEAL-ballast shovel


It is a robust steel shovel. "Made in Germany" / "Made in Herdecke"




It is a hardened all-round-shovel. "Made in Germany" / "Made in Herdecke"




It is a hardened all-round-shovel. "Made in Germany" / "Made in Herdecke"





It is a cheap shovel for occasional and easy work. "Made in Germany" / "Made in Herdecke"





It is a cheap shovel for occasional and easy work.