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IDEAL spade


The IDEAL-spade that is conically rolled out of one piece of steel is one of our main products and the name giver of the company. It is a spade with a double spring; due to the specific rolling process the shoulder of the blade is thicker than the cutting edge. This characteristic means that the spade is sharpened by itself every time you use it!      

Furthermore there is not a weak point between the spring and the blade anymore because the spade is factored out of one peace.

Riveted twice the blade and the handle are linked absolutely solid and smooth.

All in all our IDEAL-spade stands for highest quality and durability!



This special tool has been developed in order to meet the highest requests on load stress during forest clearance and construction work.

The KRAFTSPATEN helps you on several applications like cutting through roots as well as a leverage tool within the construction industry due to its robust design.

A flexible handling within effective performance is guaranteed because of the material and constructive features of this product.



The FITNESS spade is not just the result of a completely new design line we have devised but also a proven spade “made in Germany” equipped with innovative features which provide more fun while gardening. This way you can utilize positive effects due to regular gardening for the improvement of your bodily fitness. These effects were examined and proven in a study led by Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse at the Centre for health through sport and move of the German Sports University Cologne.

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Further product lines




It is a high-grade light-weight lady's spade with a smaller blade. "Made in Germany" / "Made in Herdecke"





It is a spade with a sevenfold riveted blade. "Made in Germany" / "Made in Herdecke"




It is a stable double-spring spade. "Made in Germany" / "Made in Herdecke"


IDEAL "B1"-Spade


It is a double-spring spade. "Made in Germany" / "Made in Herdecke"




This is a heavy spade with an handmade swanneck socket out of one piece.




This is a spring spade of a standard quality.




This is a socket spade.




This is a light weight spade with a tube socket.