Wide range of garden and construction tools

We offer our extensive range of spades, shovels, hoes, rakes, forks and other gardening and construction tools in various quality grades. This variety, coupled with the determination to uphold Made in Germany as a medium-sized company, is both an incentive and a promise for us:

Such a quality tool is not just bought - it is an investment for life and is often passed on to the next generation.

IDEALSPATEN - Craftsmanship meets modern production

For over 120 years, we have been manufacturing a wide range of hand tools for construction, home and garden at our Herdecke production location.

As the largest industrial manufacturer of shovels and spades in Europe, our company relies on a smart mix of manufacturing and maximum automation in production.

The IDEAL spade is a symbol for the values of our company and the quality of our products. Sustainably produced and – thanks to the many years of know-how of our employees – constantly improved tools, create the best possible usage qualities, which support our customers in their work.

Manufacturing meets automation

Special rolling technology since 1899

Selected products such as our IDEAL spade are manufactured in traditional and handcrafted work. Eight employees produce a spade of the highest quality from a steel block in up to 20 work steps. Through a unique rolling technique developed by us, the spade blade is rolled conically and is thus self-sharpening.


Another special feature: the spade blade and the double spring are not welded together, but consist of a single piece of steel. This guarantees particularly high loading capacity.

Our Löwe Spade type "Bauspaten" is test winner

In an extensive test the diy magazine "Selbst ist der Mann" together with the VPA Remscheid (Testing and Inspection Institute) compared 17 gardening spades using a device specially designed for this product segment.

The test winner with rating 1.1 from the conventional spades models was the LÖWE “Bauspaten” from IDEALSPATEN.


The catalog

In addition to the products listed on the website, you will find other variants in our catalog. These differ, for example, in size, design or handle type.

Please take a look at our extensive range of products.

News about our factory outlet

Since April 2022 our factory outlet is open again. Here you will find remaining stock, B-products and overproduction at convenient prices. Take the opportunity to purchase high-quality tools and professional articles for a great quality-price ratio.

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Tue and Thu 13:00 - 15:00
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