Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials have top priority in the selection of raw materials

Steel and wood are our primary raw materials, for the production of hand garden tools.

  • Steel: Characteristics include strength and formability.
  • Wood: A strong renewable fabric with an incomparable cultural history.

The combination of both material qualities has already convinced mankind of its utility many hundred years ago.

It is not without reason that bows, tools, boats and much more have been and are still being made using these materials.

At present, there is no known product combination for hand-held gardening tools that is ready for series production and better combines ergonomics, weight optimization, stability and renewable raw materials.

The previous explanations do not claim to be complete, nor can they be.
With our initiative and the explanations we would like to only sensitize.
In the truest sense of the word: IT'S IN YOUR HAND!