Our values

High-quality materials

Not all steel is the same, and not all wood is the same. We use high-quality quenched and tempered steels that meet our requirements for the combination of hardness and elasticity. The wood we use is obtained from controlled cultivation that is FSC® (FSC-C007762) certified. Our suppliers apply the highest quality standards when selecting the logs.


German Craftmanship

Our goal is to manufacture hand tools that support our customers in their work. With the know-how that our employees have acquired over decades at our production site in Herdecke, we ensure the best possible performance features.


Careful processing

An IDEAL product is subjected to quality control after each step of the process.Proof of the unique quality resulting from our quality standards is: We are the only remaining industrial manufacturer of spades and shovels in Germany and one of the last in Europe. Our products get inherited.


Useful innovations

[Innovations are essential for any business. But not all of them are necessary. We, as a medium-sized company with a long-term focus, question each of our planned innovations. Do they strengthen our market position? Do they help us fulfill our commitment to sustainable management? Do they create clear benefits for our customers and employees?


Unique precision

We offer solutions for various demands of our customers, no matter if it as a highly automated industrial company or as a manufacturer. What does the customer expect from this product for this price and how can we meet or exceed his expectations? Answering these central questions is at the heart of everything we do.