Raw materials

Raw materials from Germany and the EU minimize CO2 emissions through the use of the shortest possible transportation routes!

Have you ever thought about the route the product you have purchased or the raw materials required for it have taken?
Unfortunately, there is often a lack of sensitivity, but also a lack of time to deal with this topic. Of course, everyone wants to avoid pollution and, of course, the many trucks on our highways bother the car drivers.

It is a fact that the vast majority of hand-held gardening tools on the market are not manufactured in Germany. Of this share, in turn, the largest part is not produced in Europe. These products are transported around the world by ship and truck to be sold in Germany for an attractive price in the various forms of trade.

Many of our products are manufactured in Germany - if possible also from raw materials of German origin.
In doing so, we make our contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. If we are succesfull with this is up to you.