Repair options

Spade handle replacement

Caution - Risk of injury!

Manual craftsmanship is necessary when replacing the handle.
You will need a vice, hammer, chisel, pliers, drill, spare handle and rivet from IDEALSPATEN.


Shaft removal

Under no circumstances should you attempt to burn out the wood fragments, as this may affect the material characteristics of the steel, depending on the temperature, and the blade may become too soft and thus unusable.


Clamp the spade on the wooden side edges of the metal tabs (spade springs) in a vise.


Knock off the rivet head with a hammer and chisel or screwdriver with continuous blade and, if necessary, remove any rests of the rivet remaining in the shaft with a generator or a pair of pliers.


Separate the shaft and the blade by powerful hammer blows on the shoulder of the blade. If the rest of the shaft is too short to be clamped, tighten the head of the spade next to the shoulder into the vise. Now put the chisel into the gap between the spring halves and remove the rest of the shaft with hammer and chisel.



Inserting the shaft

For a the shaft replacement of one of our spades, please use only  shafts and rivets from IDEALSPATEN, because only the optimal fit and the correct use of material guarantees a safe and stable connection!

Place the blade on an appropriate spare shaft.


Drill the shaft straight through the holes in the spring with a wood drill (5,5 mm).


Press on the springs using a clamp and drive in the pan head rivets with a hammer. Rivet the opposite side in a circular motion from the outside to the inside with a hammer - And it’s done!