Our name says it all: When it comes to spades no one can outsmart us. We know exactly what type of spade you need when you want to dig planting holes, remove your shrubs or are in the process of digging up soil.


We are well aware: Not all spades are equal.

Because your ideal spade is not only determined by its intended use, but also by factors such as weight, resilience and power transmission. To ensure that you are completely satisfied with your IDEALSPATEN at the end of the day, we are happy to help you find your way through our large product range and decide on the tool that suits your needs the best.

"Gärtner Form"

Do you want to know more? Our spades in detail

If you want to know all details, we'll be happy to share our expertise with you and explain the influence of the spades blade shape and exactly how our product lines differ. You will see how the components of your spade – from the tread to the shaft and up to the handle – affect its intended use and its handling.

Verschiedene Blattformen bei den Spaten

Spade blade shapes

First and foremost, the blade shape of a spade depends on the soil conditions. Is the soil more sandy or loamy? Is the soil dry or moist - loose or firm? What blade shape is recommended for very stony soil? Learn more ...

> Blade shapes at a glance

Product lines

Our product lines give you a reliable guide to our entire range. Here you will find both the technical specifications of our spades and an overview of the processing and the materials used.

> Product lines at a glance

Verschiedene Stieltypen bei den Spaten

Shaft types

Sure, the shaft is where you guide your spade. But did you already know that the type of wood from which it is made can make your tool up to 30 percent more resilient? Or that different handles allow you to transfer more force to the blade or simplify turning and prying motions? Here we explain all the details.

> Which shaft type are you?

Verschiedene Stielbefestigungen bei den Spaten

Shaft attachments

The shafts attachment is a very important element in a spade. There are various fastening techniques, that depend on the type of spade and the intended use.

> About the shaft attachment

Finely polished surface

Surface finish

The surface finish of the spade blade not only ensures an attractive appearance, but also influences service life and tool properties. Here you will find all relevant information.

> About the surfaces

Trittschutz bei den Spaten


A tread enlarges the contact surface of your spade. On the one hand, this protects against unintentional slipping and, on the other hand, supports the moment of force. Here you can find out which variants we offer and what their advantages are.

> About the treads

IDEALSPATEN: Tools Made in Germany

Since 1929, we have had our most important tool in our company name. For at least as long, our products have stood for the unique quality and durability that only tools made with expertise and passion for their own craft can offer.

That's why we have always manufactured our spades in our factory in Herdecke, and why we, for example, offer you our spade blades conically rolled – a sign of our years of experience and true craftsmanship, because you will hardly find these self-sharpening blades anywhere else.

For us, the name IDEALSPATEN is a commitment – to our home country, our products and, above all, to you, our customers. We create tools that last for generations. For everyone who works with the same enthusiasm as we do.