"Quality for nature" is not a slogan for us, we live this motto!

Because, as a German company, we do not only have our company address in Germany, but also produce a large part of our saleable products in Herdecke an der Ruhr or affiliated companies in Germany. And we have been doing so since 1899.

Products bearing the "Sustainable Products" logo are subject to special requirements. The product sleeve informs you about our activities for sustainable products on the one hand, and on the other hand about the individual product features that distinguish the product you prefer.

High-quality products conserve resources

Yes, because the truth of the popular saying "If you buy cheap, you buy twice" is something that some may already have experienced first-hand.


But what consequence does this saying have in practise?

Every day, thousands of household devices, tools, electronics, textiles and gardening tools are carelessly disposed, because in fact they were not inexpensive, but cheap, and could not keep the product features desired by the buyer in the long term.

Resources were consumed for the production, as well as for the disposal of these products. These resources in the form of, for example, raw materials, energy and labor are exhausted once and, except for a small percentage, lost forever.

For this reason, we rely on high-quality products with a long service life in order to conserve resources for future generations. With a company history of over 110 years and the fourth active generation of owners, we think long-term.