Forks are used not only in agriculture – they are also extremely useful tools for everyday gardening. On the one hand, forks are used to transport various materials, such as hay, manure, potatoes or stones. But they are also very helpful in soil cultivation, such as loosening the soil or digging in the ground in a manner that is gentle on the roots.

Every fork is a specialist in its field. We therefore offer the ideal fork for every area of application. These differ not only in the number and shape of their tines, but also in the characteristics of the handle or the type of handle attachment.

To help you choose the right fork, we have presented the most important information about our stitching tools clearly for you. This way you will quickly find the right model and your work will be twice as easy.

Do you want to know more? our forks in detail

If you would like to find out more about the hows and whys of the different fork models before making your purchase decision, we will of course be happy to share this information with you.


Intended use

Forks for light material, forks for heavy material, forks for different types of soil or special forks for individual tasks – here we explain to you exactly which model is best suited for what task.

> Intended use

Product lines

Well-structured, you can get an overview of the technical specifications of our forks, the materials used and processing techniques.

> Product lines at a glance

Verschiedene Gabel-Befestigungstechniken für den Stiel

Shaft attachment

It all comes down to the right attachment, because this is where you decide between the right balance between weight and loading capacity. Here you can find out which techniques we offer.

> Shaft attachment at a glance

Verschieden Stieltypen der Marke IDEALSPATEN

Shaft types

At least as important as the tines of a fork is its handle. The length, the type of handle and the material it is made of have a significant influence on power transmission and handling. Here we present the options available to you.

> Which shaft type are you?

IDEALSPATEN: Tools for every demand

Whether your optimal fork ultimately has three, four or six tines – we can already guarantee one thing: We have the right tool for you in our product range.

Because our product lines are entirely geared to your requirements: From the premium tool for everyday work to the inexpensive variant for the hobby farmer.

Let yourself be inspired and advised. We are sure you will find what you are looking for in our extensive range!