Shovels from IDEALSPATEN

From picking up loose materials such as soil, leaves and bark mulch to transporting sand, cement and gravel or digging large holes in the ground - a good shovel is always an essential tool in the garden and on the construction site.

As professionals, we know: Not all shovels are the same.

Your perfect tool should be tailored exactly for its purpose. Particularly the type and length of the handle, the quality of the blade and the material properties of the shovel are very important. Only when everything fits together can the work be done efficiently.

Selecting the right tool, is not easy. For this reason, we are pleased to support you in your search for the best shovel for you and help you find your way through our extensive range of specialised and versatile tools.

"Holsteiner Sandschaufel"

Want to know more? Our shovels in detail

You would like to know exactly what is important when choosing a good shovel and find out how the handle, socket or tread influences its function?

Of course, we have this information ready for you.

Verschiedene Schaufel-Blattformen

Blade shapes

A shovel's blade shape is primarily determined by the volume and weight of the material to be moved. Do you need a shovel to move heavy sand, or do you need to transport light bark mulch? Which shovel is suitable for digging a hole? Learn more ...

> Balde shapes at a glance

Produktlinien bei den Schaufeln der Firma IDEALSPATEN

Product lines

If your most important concerns are the specifications of your tool and its price-performance ratio, then take a look at our product lines. From the model for the hobby gardener to the model for demanding professionals - learn more.

> Product lines at a glance

Unterschiedliche Stieltypen bei den Schaufeln

Shaft types

Long or short, with handle or without - even the type of wood helps decide the best handle for your shovel.

Here you can find out how to use your tool optimally and which type of handle actually makes your work easier.

> Which shaft type are you?

Schaufeln mit verschiedenen Düllen (Stielbefestigung)

Socket (blade and shaft attachment)

The shaft attachment, known as socket, has a great influence on the function of your shovel.

The angle of the blade in relation to the shaft is important, but also the attachment reinforcements and therefore the weight and load-bearing capacity. Learn more here.

> About the shaft attachment

Upturned shoulders provides a larger loading capacity

Blade finishing

The finishing of a blade´s texture not only ensures a good appearance, but also influences its lifetime and characteristics. Here you can find all the information.

> About the surfaces

IDEALSPATEN: Tools Made in Germany


Whichever shovel you choose, they all have something in common: our commitment to quality, good handling and long durability.

For that reason, we manufacture our shovels in our factory in Herdecke and only procure a few components - such as our forged shovel blades - from our longtime European partners.

For us, a good tool not only means easier work - a quality shovel from IDEALSPATEN is a reliable helper that can be used for generations.

That is what we stand for with our brand IDEALSPATEN.