Tips for product care

At the end of the season

Check your equipment and take any necessary repairs before the gardening season begins. Clean the equipment thoroughly! Broken shafts can be replaced with new ones (see "Replacing a spade shaft"). To arrange your tools with long shaft in your garage or garden house you can use S-hooks or clamps which can be mounted on the wall (IDEAL device holder with retaining plate 60350500 or IDEAL device holder with clip holders 60350600/60350700/60350800). In that way you make room for large gardening tools like a lawnmower for example.

Care tips for spades

  • Clean the spade with water and remove dirt remains.
  • Remove particularly hard remains with a wire brush.
  • Remove rust deposits with steel wool
  • Clean with soapy water
  • For winter storage, lightly oil or grease the blade and store the spade in a dry place. Please do not store too warm, otherwise the wood will dry out too much and the handle can break easily.

Stainless steel spade blades
The stainless surface is almost maintenance-free! After work, simply rinse with water.