Rake product types

There are rakes that can be used in a number of different areas. But there are also specialists that have been designed for a specific purpose. Sometimes there are several types of rakes to choose that can be used for the same work. In this case, there is no wrong or right tool – the crucial factor is personal preference.


Our rake at a glance

Garden rake
for soil cultivation and raking leaves and other garden waste


Lawn rake
Effortlessly removes grass clippings, leaves and grass cuttings


Wooden hay rake
completely made of high quality beech wood


One sided plastic rake
with edge for leveling


Double sided plastic rake
with flexible tines – tilted handle enables lateral working


Termac rake
the very long socket protects the handle, the bracing increases stability


perfect for spreading gravel, soil, sand or concrete


Leveling rake – light model
overall smaller rake head = thus slightly lighter


Leveling rake – heavy model
Overall larger rake head = larger holding capacity